An Update on Your Feedback
Feedback Forum
Greetings to everyone perusing through our Feedback Forum and welcome to the first official Feedback Forum Changelog! Our last Nodepanel Changelog was back in March of 2020, so it has been quite a bit of time since we've last updated everyone on what we've been up to and what updates are around the corner.
At the beginning of this year, our teams began discussing the lack of transparency from our Development Team and the Feedback Forum in general. Some suggestions have lived on the forum since 2018 with no response and no updates. Some ideas were actually completed and fulfilled, but still there was no response. This has been a major error on our part, as a lack of communication hurts both parties. As a company, we cannot improve your experience without listening and a lack of response only suggests you aren't being heard. In reflection of these thoughts, our teams have started putting in the work to fix this.
Some of you may have noticed the recent activity happening on the Feedback Forum. Our Level 2 Technical Support team has been assigned to handle and respond to all of the suggestions that have not been completed. While it may take some time to go through the 200 posts currently Open and Under Review, each post will be considered and updated properly.
We're also excited to announce additional changes coming to the Feedback Forum itself!
First, we'll be saying goodbye to the NodePanel v2 board and adding additional boards for better organization. These boards are:
  • Feature Requests
    - Leave your suggestions here about adding or improving the features of our site!
  • Game Requests
    - Want to start a server for a game we don't offer? Make a suggestion here and we'll look into adding it into our panel!
  • Modpack Requests
    - Want us to add easy installation for a Minecraft Modpack? Leave your suggestion here!
  • Bug Reports
    - Oh no! Something went wrong. Leave your report here!
  • Knowledgebase Suggestions
    - Need help with setting something up on your server? Leave a suggestion here and our team can research and add an article to our Knowledgebase!
All of our current posts will be filtered into one of these boards.
Second, we'll be posting regular Changelog updates. With this post being the first of this effort, Changelogs will be posted roughly every 2 weeks with updates from our Development team and what they have completed.
We're excited to to get these improvements underway, and look forward to hearing from everyone.