In "/garrysmod/cfg/mount.cfg", it would be nice if it were possible to add game content like Counter-Strike: Source (cstrike) so gamemodes like DarkRP or Trouble In Terrorist Town work.
Currently, it seems impossible to mount game content (without the location/directory of the folders). Usually, it requires putting in a physical disk location like "C:\mytf2server\tf", but as this is being done remotely, we don't have a location to point the mount.cfg to.
EDIT: Currently, the only way to mount your content (e.g. Counter-Strike: Source) is by uploading a 'cstrike' folder and then placing in the location as "cstrike" only [if you put the folder in the beginning directory] (in picture 2). Having a way to do this via mod manager for Garry's Mod would be great.