So it would be amazing if on the control panel if we had native RCON support, Steam Workshop, and Player logging on Steam Games.
RCON support for the simple chat with players on your steam servers, like ark and pixark, with in the console similar to the Minecraft console.
Steam Workshop. Come on we all enjoy modded games and we all know some mods are just to big to transfer over FTP because they will take to long to transfer. Also with Steam Workshop support add the feature in to auto update mods that we use in the game. Ark mods are constantly updated and maintained, shoot sometimes it can be annoying to update them over FTP.
Player logging for steam games. Like in the minecraft console, we can view who has been on the servers and last when. Well recently I have had a few encounters of a player being mean to other players and I could not do anything. A: I have to be on there when it happens to warn them and/or ban/kick them from the server because of the situation situation. or B: i have to let them keep going as I can never track down the Steam ID to make sure it never happens again. A log of Player name and Steam id would be amazing to help prevent situations of other players griefing each other.